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Inovado Image sizes

Website display is 940 px

Subsequent images sizes are generated from one upload so should be the largest.

Suggested sizes 1400, 1200, 1024 for largest. 1024 and 940 are pretty close so maybe not 1024. I think 1400 and where possible 700 pixels high! This way it fits proportionally into the slider without cutting the panel.

So for portfolio items save image at 1400 px


  • 3 column display images are 300px wide by 200px high (197??)
  • Slider view is 940 x 475 (1400 x 707). DON’T USE SLIDER. Embed images into page for correct proportions
  • Large size 940 – full screen no side bar – pages
  • Use custom link and have the 1400 size image for the url
  • Client to display as the subheading

Home Page Slider

  • 960  x 400

Blogs or posts

  • 700 px wide for blogs at full screen with side bar – 300 px high if decorative only e.g. Email Newsletters blog
  • Generally no slider in posts so not necessary for larger size
  • If images embedded in post then 700 px wide by any height



Suite – group, series, collection, set,


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