Dee Rogers


8 September 2008

Started the day with a petit dejeuner complete (coffee, bread stick, croissant and jam). Perfect. Full of anticipation we set of for the Maison et Objet Trade Show that will occupy 2 of our days in Paris, Yesterday at the show was strange mix of WOW factor and interior bric a brac that we found a bit repetitive, but overall some really great business ideas and two artists especially stood out. More of that later and we will be purchasing some of the art works for home as we get them at trade prices.

So off we go after breakfast for the metro. We miss a turn and find ourselves somewhere we shouldn’t be. One hour later and several wrong turns we finally get to the metro and the Parc des Expositions which is 30 minutes out of Paris. A lot of great interior designs yet we still haven’t found something that really stands out. Then we end up in Hall 5b. WOW. Blown and fused glass, amazing tile and floor concepts, outstanding marble bathrooms, timber products and great photography concepts to bring home. As is often the case the best came last and by then our constitutions had run low so we cut out full of wonder at what might come of all this amazing design imagery. Our creative souls bursting with and confused by the great halls (covering 10’s of acres and needing at least a week to see and digest). Plans are afoot to visit next year and stay a little longer. I would like to see more of the glass artists at work.

The day almost gone we arrive home pretty well spent. Dee has a hair appointment and I have to get to Gare Montparnasse to book our seats for Bayonne, St-Jean-Pied-de-Port and the foothills of the Pyrenees. Finally it is sinking in. The reason for our trip and the Camino that lies ahead. Booking tickets takes for ever as my limited French has reached the limits of its delivery and reception. I arrive back to Rm 8 absolutely buggered to be confronted by a gorgeous woman and her very Parisian look. We head off to hydrate after an exhausting day. Four hours and 100 Euro later we hit the sack.

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