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8 October 2008 – Zamora to Salamanca

Wake early to clear skies, pack and head off in search of internet and the possibility of car and hostel bookings. We find internet at the Bibliotec Public following coffee at the Plaza Mayor. Lots of helpful leads re accommodation and we mange to book a car only to find it will take 48 hours to process. The website is difficult to navigate so we ring the customer care centre, in the Nederlands!! We are promised a quick solution but at the time of writing (2pm) we are sitting in the bus station with no firm plans and waiting for a car. Siesta is upon us and we are treading water. Very frustrating.

Zamora looks a great place to hang out for a couple of days but it is not part of our plan and we want to be in Salamanca today, driving south tomorrow or the day after. We have some good leads on “casa rural” that appear cheaper than hotels and very well appointed.

From Dee
We did have a joke to write a book called ‘Lost in Zamora’ as it felt like everything was conspiring to keep us here. The car booking didn’t work. Over the counter rates to hire a car were double the internet. The free internet in the Hostel didn’t work. When we went out for dinner last night looking for a connection to book ahead a hotel offered for us to use theirs but the mouse wouldn’t work and there were no replacement batteries. That’s when we gave up last night and came up with the book title. Things look much the same today – still waiting for Larrs to call.

Have finally given up on the car hire and decided to bus it to Salamanca and try again from there. Our taxi driver in Salamanca is great. He ducks and weaves around barricades, suitcases in plazas, people and cars to finally reverse up a one way street and deposit us at our hotel which is well appointed in the centre of town. We stroll around the plaza mayor trying to select a place to have dinner. Our choice is poor and I think we’ve finally come to the conclusion that the Old City area is great for sightseeing but expensive and poor quality for food.

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