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5 October 2008 – Rua to Santiago de Compostela

Intending to start early we rise and pack in the dark,finally getting on the road at 8.45am. As usual a cool start and tarmac quickly turns to a green forest path that skirts around Padrouza (Arca). There are few perigrinos on the path we make good time passing through small hamlets with increasing numbers of pilgrims walking. The weather threatens but thankfully never rains. The wind is cold, good weather for walking. Ten kms from Santiago we find a sheltered position and pullout lunch and redwine to fortify us for the final stage of walking. Our legs are stiff and sore, ankles and feet wishing each step was the last. We are in good spirits and finally reach Mount de Gozo overlooking Santiago. A large bronze and stone edifice marks the final descent and perigrinos gather to take photos, rest and drink. Along descent preludes our arrival in Santiago yet we have to cover 5kms more to reach the cathedral. Dee insists on closure, get our final stamp and pilgrim’s certificate before finding a hotel. Some time later, after passing some likely hotels, Dee is in the mood to postpone closure in favour of hot water and rest.

We find the cathedral and spend 20 minutes trying to find the Oficina Peregrino for stamps and certificates. Finding the unremarkable office, it’s a line up to be processed as more and more pilgrims come in out of the cold. Officially processed we walk 50 m and find our hotel. We have walked enough and now for well deserved showers and the obligatory libation prior to stepping out for dinner. A grand day indeed, we finish the Camino and in honour of our achievement, Manly thrash the Storm 40 – 0. Celebrations now mandatory.

From Dee
I thought I should also post the obligatory sore feet photos and the owner. As I’ve taken the bus for a few of the sections I only have one blister that I earnt a couple of days ago, and that has now healed. Yes my feet are sore but Pete’s … oh my God … the photos make them look a lot better than they are.

I’m looking forward to getting a suntan on the right hand side of my body. The walk, basically east to west has afforded a splendid golden tan on the left hand side of my body, so, lying on that side and sipping sangrias, sounds like a good balancing act.

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