Dee Rogers


29 September 2008 – Ponferrada to Villafranca

As the walk today is mainly along highway we decide to sightsee in the morning and bus it to Villafranca in the afternoon. After calls home and other housekeeping we stroll around town – well limp actually- and learn the lyrics to a couple of songs we can sing on the trail. The song selection is limited to Pete’s iPod and my choices are an oldie – Summertime – and a Santana – You’ve Got to Change Your Evil Ways.

We arrive in Villafranca around 4pm and find fantastic lodgings – Casa Rural. The Scandinavian girl who takes our booking is delightful and recommends a fantastic restaurant that opens at 7:30pm and not 9:00pm like the others. The town is great and coming to life when we head out around 6 for a couple of hours of sightseeing. Dinner is to die for and we head back to our room thoroughly sated, legs and feet somewhat recovered and ready for another day of walking tomorrow.

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