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27 September 2008 – Castrillo de los Polvazares

We rejoin the camino and it would seem a thousand walkers. The last few days have been really quite … we have left late, taken alternate routes, and walked into towns late also. As our legs and feet warm to the task we stride past most of them in the first village and keep a fast pace to lunch in Camino de Rabinero on calamari and salad. Our credentials stamped, and a frolic with the auberges local dogs we head off looking for a shop to buy some supplies as the next few towns have no services. We find the only little shop in town – and we mean little – the shop owner lived 3 years in Sydney, Wollongong, and Port Kembla steel works and wants to talk philosophy as we purchase our supplies, especially tomatoes.

The walk today is an ascent with trees and varied landscape. Really pleasant despite the sore legs and feet. Most camino walkers stop at Rabinero but we continue onto the next town 4.2k ahead. Foncebadon is small with only seasonal residents but the auberges and hotel are new to cater for the camino, and great. We stay in our first auberge which has a double room with bathroom. The shower is amazing – a sit down spa with jets and water heads everywhere. You almost need a license to run it. Refreshed we head out – not a lot of choice but next door is an amazing (yes we used that word a lot but it truly is) bar and restaurant. I’m typing with my vino and Pete is working out the menu. Will keep you posted.

Diner consists of trout soup,medieval veg stew, deer and fried fish with copious amounts of very cheap and quaffable red. A real indulgence of tastes and the last two days have provided us with more of the great food we had expected. Back to the aubergue, it’s 7.30, by 7.45 Dee is in a deep sleep, the labours and libations of the day now ready to be slept off. I listen to music until 10.30pm.

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