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26 October 2008 – Barcelona

Back to the beachside cafe for breakfast. It’s busy today and we only manage the coffee before giving up and heading for the Picasso Museum in the Gothic Quarter. Sunday is long queues, long waits and frustration. So we opt for a walk to the Ramblas. On the way we stumble by a small gallery of interesting and expensive works and then the Museu d’Historica de la Cuitat which is part archaeological dig from the Roman era onwards and part Art Gallery where the pick of all pieces is the Paul Cezanne study for La Baigners.

We head for the markets again but alas they are closed. There is entertaining street theatre everywhere and we are getting hungry. You’d think we’d know better by now. If there are no prices it is expensive. Even though we’ve picked the equivalent of a sandwich store the breadroll, slice of pizza and couple of drinks would feed a family for a week in Coffs.

At a lot of tourist stops we are accosted by beggars who are either fat, smoking, completely able bodied and generally people you don’t want to give money to. There are plenty of people singing, playing instruments and doing various other forms of art for their living and you feel happy to give, but most of these beggars don’t really seem to be poor but just lazy (probably a bit harsh I know). Anyway, this woman with gold fillings shining everywhere in her mouth keeps shoving a cup under our faces at lunch and wont stop until Pete says thanks and dips his hand in to take a coin – she disappears very quickly then. We had a woman In Granada who pushed a sprig of rosemary in Pete’s hand and then babbled away in Spanish for 5 minutes knowing we couldn’t understand. We knew money would be required for fortune telling and when she had finished Pete gave her a 2 euro coin, but that wasn’t enough, she wanted paper. She kept on and on until Pete showed her the coin purse with no paper, or 5 10 or 20 euro note. She then snatched back the little sprig of rosemary, kept the 2 euro and went on to accost the next person.

More walking in the Gothic Quarter and past Gaudi’s Palau Guell which is closed now – a little too late in the day and unfortunately on Monday’s most things are closed also. We amble back to the Picasso Museum where the crowds have departed and the viewing is fantastic. Lots of English text to explain what is going on although some of the major works have been shipped to Paris for an exhibition there.

Night is upon us so we head home for dinner and rest.

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