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25 October 2008 – Barcelona

We breakfast in on fresh fruit, yoghurt and eggs as we still have beautiful fresh produce from the markets. Only coffee is required to complete the ritual but we decide to head for the Sagrida Familia straight up.

Church and temple, it was begun in 1882 with Gaudi working on it from 1883. We’ve used the word amazing, but words fail to describe this group of structures. From one angle it takes on the appearance of many other Gothic cathedrals, from another angle it is all Antoni Gaudi. Angled columns, eliptical arches, stellate vaulted ceilings, modern sculpture, birds, animals, shapes, ceramics and colour. Unlike any other “church” we have encountered. We agree that we will come back in 30 years when they expect to finish the building. Then again, maybe not in our lifetimes from what we have seen of the plans and the progress. From the very beginning, the only financing for building the scared temple came from private donations and alms, and it continues to be be so due to generous donations.

Next stop lunch at the wonderful markets we discovered yesterday. Lunch is a great mix of squid and fresh asparagus the coffee we’ve been hanging out for.

Now Park Guell via the Metro and up a very steep hill where they have thankfully installed some escalators. At the top of the 14 hectare park is a mound of stones adorned with 3 stone crucifixes. The panorama of Barcelona is not unusual, mostly smaller building sprinkled with high rise and the odd Sagrida Familia. It dominates the view even in it’s semi complete state. The park itself has a wonderful, eclectic nature with Gaudi imprinted on every turn. Rough stone columns and arches, viaducts, the famous ceramic bench seats, the Hansel and Gretel like buildings with their sugar frosting of tiles, globes, columns and spires. This is a park that brings nursery rhymes to life. I wish Oliver and Kate could have seen this, a bit like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Alice in Wonderland.

It is late, legs and feet sore, throat parched, time to get “home” for a restorative libation and dinner.

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