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24 October 2008 – Barcelona

We wake to sunshine and the bar reveals itself as the “Hells Angels Barcelona” … oh well, you can’t pick your neighbours. We walk to the beach for coffee and breakfast. The day is balmy and there are several container-like structures setup on timber platforms operating as cafes along the beach. Breakfast is great and the water inviting. A few surfers here and there enjoying the thrilling 0.5m surf, sailboats and swimmers join them in a vista that is all Mediterranean.

Walking along the beach it is evident that this part of town is popular for walking, cycling, jogging and old saggy tit & suntanned bum naturist type activities. Closer into town the beaches turn into marinas with quirky architectural structures/buildings and very large sculptures. The Cataluynans are not afraid to allow creativity to flourish at every opportunity. I can only dream of a Coffs Harbour that might one day drag itself into the 21st century. At home we have so much open space, harbour, foreshores and parklands devoid of any “art” nor creative touch. Regressive, self interested, aging baby boomers and associated cronies conspire to keep Coffs in the 70’s (aka The Jetty Action Group aka Just Against Good …change, development…just against anything in their front yards). I’ll get off my soap box.

Through the marinas to Port Vell, luxury craft and expensive eateries. The Cap de Barcelona stands before us, the Ramblas and Gothic Quarter to our right – sculptures and architecture – history and creativity. The walk has been long and we are in need of a pee break. There are no public toilets in Spain (I think we’ve seen 2 in seven weeks), so we decide to have a beer, toilet break and continue on. I order two large cervazas – our usual order and generally only a small bottle or midi size glass – two 1 litre jugs arrive at our table. So, another 15 euros (or $30) we have our pee, walk 5 paces and find we need to go again … can’t imagine why. We definitely can’t face more beer so we opt for MacDonalds where we know at least some of the rules.

The Ramblas is a corridor of stalls, historic buildings and human statues. Heading for the tourist information we stumble upon the produce markets in a side street … WOW. We need to find another word for amazing – how about astonishing. Fruit, seafood, meats, deli’s, coffee, tapas, confectionery, pastries and breads. Just walking around makes you gain weight. Fresh produce on board we head back to Salva de Mar and a home cooked dinner of Spaghetti Marinara with fresh nibbles and plentiful wine.

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