Dee Rogers


22 September 2008 – Burgos to Leon

James the pommy busdriver looks after us well and tells us the food in Leon is fantastic. We find lodgings and head out for brekkie, which turns out to be a sickly sweet bread pudding. The coffee is average. Find internet so Pete can contact Oliver and Kate. No luck (with skype) at the internet cafe so we just do a little house keeping and leave. We are now sick of Spanish “morning food”, which is mostly stodgy, and do not seem to have adjusted our routine to eat a late lunch and very late dinner. We seem to be walking during the lunch period and arrive in towns hungry, opt for stodgy pinchos and feel bloated afterwards. Today we resolve to find good food.

Walking around in the drizzling rain we find a supermarket. Stocked with fresh fruit and veges head back to room and dine on salad cheese and fruit. It is siesta time and find free Wifi. Looking for pack transport to lighten our load. The rain clears so we head out to see Leon. The Santa Maria de la Regla is closed but we are able to appreciate it’s Gothic exterior and look forward to seeing it’s 2000 sq m of stained glass tomorrow. Near the Hostal Guzman is our first look at the work of Antoni Gaudi. Casa de Botin now houses exhibitions within its for sectioned facades with turrets. The contemporary glass and iron work are outstanding. The nearby Iglesia de San Marcello, Plaza de San Marcello and Plaza de San Martin form our route of investigation. We are determined to source good food and finally end up at Latino eating prawns and the obligatory “vino tinto”. We have found the grail.

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