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22 October 2008 – Almunecar to Granada

A short drive further west along the coast to La Herradura for breakfast and to plan the days activities – the choices being beach or mountains. It’s hard to be really inspired by these seaside places after Australia. The ones here have gravel for sand, are completely overdeveloped, cater almost exclusively for tourists loosing their quirkiness or uniqueness or whatever you want to call it.

We decide on the mountains with a drive to an area called Alhama de Granada. Pete picks the driving road – a white one on the map – which is everything we’ve come to expect. A freshly sealed serpentine surface which squeaks its way several thousand meter above sea level. Every turn affords oohs and arhs and a general appreciation of all of the wonderful natural resources that Spain has to offer. Spain is a country of contrasts grossly ugly and breathtakingly beautiful within 30 minutes driving. We are aware that taking a car, while involving more difficult logistics, often affords an experience of the greater treasures that Spain has to offer. We go from the English breakfast to the bocadillo and cerveza of the high sierra, and while we are over the food, the surroundings are fantastic.

Having made a decision to get close to Granada to meet the next days train we drive onto Alhama de Granada which affords Peter his last chance at negotiating roads that look like footpaaths and driveways. Our final ‘menu of the day’ which is filling and plentiful for 16.50 and a decision to finally bypass the Iglesia, the Roman monument and any historic events that may have happened here.

We set out for Granada having made the decision to stay in town before the next days train trip. Driving in the pelting rain at a 120m per hour with trucks and luxury cars going in all directions is a little unnerving. We reach Granada and miss out turn. Again. Nothing that a slow about face wont cure and at least we’re here the night before. After going around and around and around in Granada’s peak hour traffic in the rain Pete becomes very Spanish and takes turns for Buses and Taxis only to get us to our destination … a park close to the train station to find a Hotel with WiFi and bed.

The 2 star hotel didn’t have WiFi, was expensive and unfriendly, We wander pass the 4 star and decide to check – it is cheaper, friendly, has WiFi and all services.

Settled into our comfy room I do some internet logistics on getting back a bit earlier, whilst Pete shops for supplies for our train trip to Barcelona tomorrow. We consult in a bath with red wine and decide to head home earlier.

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