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21 September 2008 – Burgos

An early start – 10am – for Spain. Nothing open except a few tourist cafes serving ordinary coffee and bad food. After same we head off to the Castle de Castillo and a tour of the underground tunnels and well. Quite fascinating as long as you don’t suffer claustrophobia. We make our way back to the centre of town looking for fruit and vegetables but it is siesta and almost everything is shut. So back to the hotel to collect our credentials and we head off to the Cathedral de Burgos which is a world heritage listed site of which we will post some pictures but the camera ran out of memory and battery at the same time.

Some 2 hours later and with Dee saying I’m all cultured out, there is ‘BUT WAIT, there is more’. And you guessed it there is a set of steak knives, well they looked like steak knives but they are actually the implements used to carve the stone.

It was so vast, spectacular, awesome and gory in parts. This part of the Camino de Santiago has a gruesome past and everywhere there are paintings and sculptures of the Knight Templars standing on beheaded Moors, or Christ and Saints with multiple sword wounds and other delightful details.

Off for more food and wine – good wine, second rate food. We just haven’t got the food thing right here yet. Perhaps it’s because they eat the main meal around 2-4pm and we’re sightseeing or walking. So the pinchos are now mainly bread and bread and potato and bread.

After organising tomorrows transport to Leon we take a leisurely stroll down the Paseo del Espolon along the river. The gardens are lush and the afternoon and evening warm and threatening of a thunderstorm. By the time we get back to Plaza de Santa Maria the nocturnal spanish are emerging from who knows where and the streets are filling with colour and noise as they prepare to do it all over again. It’s too much for us and we grab a bottle of wine and head back to Hotel d’espana.

A 6:35 depart on the bus tomorrow means early to bed.

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