Dee Rogers


20 September 2008 – Logrono

Next morning packed and head out to meet a woman Dee has befriended. She has been laid up for 2 weeks with knee pain as a result of pushing hard on the Camino. I try to help with advice and bandaging but she will have to go home. Her Camino is finished for this year.

We board a bus for Burgos passing peregrinos on the way. The country is open and the Camino often has long stretches beside the road. It is hot. Some pilgrims board the bus on the way., Many of them are limping. Discretion the better part of valor. We arrive in Burgos at 3 pm, find tourist information and a hotel. Food and a beer. The hot water is always good. Tomorrow is another day as they say.

We head out to be greeted by street theatre everywhere. Saturday and the spanish are up for a party. No sleep tonight. Dinner in the Plaza san Fernando del Rey and then onto a risque Parisian street theatre troop. It’s 10pm and all the kids are watching simulated sex, abortion, death and everything in between, with their parents. Completely over the top for the audience but fantastic all the same. We head off to bed at the same time as the toddlers but the party in the street outside goes all night.

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