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18 September 2008 – Logrono

The bus trip was easy and the drop off station had an information booth where I obtained directions to the tourist office and then my hotel room in the heart of the old city portion of Logrono.

I asked at reception about internet and was told there was only one – Cafe Picasso around the corner. I walked and walked and couldn’t find anything so went back to the Tourist info to see what they recommended. They circled something on the map and I went searching again but the circle was actually a very large church. Decided to give up and have a beer and some pinchos at the next cafe – and as it turns out was cafe Picasso.

Beer good. Then a little sightseeing but then the deep bath in the hotel room was calling me so I headed back, bathed and found free Wifi in the room. So a little planning and a text to Pete giving him directions on how to find the hotel, which as it turns out were wrong. Hope he finds it okay.

Oh damn. Left Pete with the bottle opener. As it turns out not a problem. Everyone has one behind the counter, so with wine and fruit back up the 5 flights of stairs for a restful evening.

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