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10 October 2008 – Salamanca to La Alberca

We pick our little Fiat up at around 10:30 and head off through the city. Pete is navigating and I’m flashing the wipers and grappling the door handle instead of the gear stick. Pete looks a little nervous – well he actually looks absolutely terrified – but he navigates up out of town and on the road to La Alberca in Sierra De Francia National Park. We stop for provisions along the way and arrive in La Alberca around midday. The town is delightful and we find a house come apartment just 50 m from the centre of town overlooking a little stream. With kitchen, balcony, dining, lounge and laundry it’s fantastic for 60 euro. It’s called La Conventina and the little old lady who brings along a boy to interpret for her assures us that she is fully booked and we can’t stay the night. Then she opens the door, shows us through and all of a sudden it is available – our interpreter looks equally confused. Anyway it is a delight. We’ve strolled through the streets this afternoon and actually found a green vegetable in the supermarket. A zucchini – you might scoff – and even Pete who doesn’t like zucchini’s is cooking.

The main centre or Plaza Mayor has all the little cafes surrounding it and in the middle of the square is someones pet pig having a snooze. In Australia you can’t get a dog even close to a food store let alone a cafe and here the pigs, dogs, cafes, supermarkets, deli’s and people all hang together.

We plan to walk in the Park tomorrow. Really looking forward to it. After the endless mesata’s it’s great to be back in some hills with lots of vegetation.

Pete’s dinner is fantastic and our little Casa Rural is very cosy. We watch TV – in Spanish of course – and get a bit of information on the Economic Crisis and storms in the south-east of Spain around Valencia where there is major flooding. The weather forecast shows almost the whole of Spain covered in cloud and we assume rain so not sure what tomorrow will bring.

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