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1 October 2008 – Vega de Valcarce to Cebreiro to Triacastela

We arrange a taxi which arrives on time to take us up to Cebreiro at 1300m. The country is breathtaking and I tell Dee that I feel a combination of guilt and of missing out on one of the camino’s gems. Dee as usual is the pragmatist, riding today means we can walk tomorrow.

We get to Cebreiro, above the clouds and the view is spectacular. Coffees and toast, we prepare for the descent to Triacastela. The mist has rolled in, the temperature has dropped dramatically, we head down the road. Visibility has dropped to 50m or less. It’s wet.After 2.5km there is a taxi. Thirty euros later we arrive at Triacastela. A quick provision up at the “supermercado” and we head of for Sarria via San Xil, the rural route and, thank god, shorter.

The steep climb presents little problem given that the quiet, beautiful oak and chestnut forests are our constant companion. Another unexpected camino gem. Lunch in the sun of an open field. An easy walk to Pintin, approx 5km short of Sarria, but the going is increasingly downhill. We stop for a beer and food. Hearty Germans are taking the piss out of a Korean. The “pub” owner gets in bis 4wd, I signal. Ten minutes later we are in Sarria. Dee has a smile on her face. An hour later we are in a hotel room. I go of to find a “farmacia” while Dee refreshes herself. Dinner is unremarkable. Dee is not walking tomorrow.

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